Why it's worth to choose Zxello App for taxi booking?

In the Fast-moving world, People's wish to live felicitously and want to be sophisticated at all times. And nowadays we love road trips more than others, and everything becomes digitized. Exceptionally the availability of cabs at our doorstep like Uber, Ola, Lyft, and so on have grown more popular and make us more comfortable while traveling. Since the word 'wait' is not needed to consider anymore.

Likewise, we launched a new ride-hailing app in the taxi market, which is named Zxello - the best online taxi booking app. It gives you more comfort and takes you into a different world. We strive to make your ride-hailing experience to be safe and secure. And we give the best taxi booking services in Yangon and around anywhere in Myanmar.

Customers usually have different kinds of needs and opinions. Some customers may have a bigger budget, while others might have a smaller plan for their trip. It is important to satisfy our customer's needs by providing the best taxi booking app with different ride options at the best price.

So, they can choose their convenient one. And we tend to give various ride options to make our customers delight. This approach has helped our business to thrive well in different places. Here are some of the fascinating features Zxello has for its customers.

Geolocation Feature:

The Geolocation feature is helpful to both the driver and the passenger. It enables the driver to know the passenger location that provides point to point navigation on the map, which allows the driver to get to the passenger. The customer is also capable of viewing the driver's location and able to predict the arrival time.

Reliable Download Option:

We fixed all the features of Zxello in both the native languages of iOS & Android. So customers can seamlessly download our best taxi booking app in both the App Store or Play Store.

In-app Payments:

Integrating payment within our Zxello app gives users multiple payment options. These include credit and debit cards, cash, and e-wallets options. Additionally, Zxello offers amazing discounts when customers pay using gift cards and promo codes.

In-App Call / Chat:

In Zxello, we facilitate our customers to chat or call their drivers through our best taxi booking app. Therefore, it leads to better interaction between the drivers and the riders. And to get a clear vision of driver status whether he is in avail to pick up on-time. Or he might come late for some reasons.

Estimation Fare Calculation:

Our Zxello App estimates accurately how much a rider needs to pay for the ride based on the destination. It shows the travel expense to the customers before booking the cab. To make our customers more comfortable, we integrate this option into our taxi booking app.

Do you want to make your ride-hailing experience more memorable, then download our Zxello App right now.

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