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Terms & conditions of ZXELLO COMPANY LIMITED



RebuStar Web/Moblie Apps is owned and provided by Zxello Company Limited, and it is company registered in Myanmar by Law.


1. Zxello Company Limited reserves the right to modify these Terms from time to time at its own discretion. If we modify these Terms, we will either post the modification on the site or otherwise provide you with notice of the modification. The amended terms and conditions will be effective midnight on the day being posted on the Site and will govern the contractual relationships between Zxello Company Limited and the Users or Franchisee, and all Bookings entered into after that date. Any amendments that affect the terms and conditions applicable to Bookings shall only apply to Bookings entered into after the amended terms and conditions come into force.

2. By registering as a Franchisee, User, Car Owner and/or Driver you are entering into a contract with Zxello Company Limited, and agreeing to abide by these terms and conditions (the “Terms”).

3. Zxello Company Limited Provides an online platform for Drivers and Users (Passengers) to meet online and arrange for bookings of Cab directly with each other

4. Any User who does not accept any amended terms and conditions should cease to use the Web/Mobile Apps after the date on which the amended terms and conditions come into force, save to the extent necessary to complete any Booking/Franchise Contract entered into prior to that date.

How the Site and Services works

The Web/Mobile Apps and Services can be used to book/order a cab online. Can will be allocated to our users after booking is successful and the can get to our passenger get a very short period of time . You may view our services as unregistered visitor on our website; however, if you wish to book a Cab or apply as a Driver, Car Owner or Franchisee, you must first register as a Zxello Web/Mobile Apps User.

Zxello Services

Taxi service: This service offers the type of service where riders order for an online taxi easily with out stress allowing the rider choose their pickup point and destination, and which the trip fare will be known to them before order.

Airport Service: Zxello online car hire service gives a type of airport car hire service that allows our users from other countries book a cab before arriving at their destination (airport), our drivers are punctual and reliable as they will make sure you get to your destination from the airport safely.

Door to Door Service: are you worried about walking out to the street before getting a cab? The solution is Zxello Online Car Hire Service offers that kind of service that suits your demand all you have to do is choose the door to door service and our cab will pick you up within minutes at your door step.

Sight Viewing Service: Are you a tourist and worried about your safety tour/sight viewing your favorite sites, Zxello online Cab allows tourist from anywhere in the world book a cab before they arrive for there adventure, it's safe reliable, and secure as their will be some safety precautions tips from our drivers if needed.

Zxello Package Delivery Service: This service is a unique and secure service that allow our clients send their packages through our drivers to their destination, as possible precautions will be made for safe delivery to the package destination on time and safe.

Business meetings: This service gives our client going for a business meeting such as project briefings, contract signing, research purposes e.t.c this service is Keen to providing a punctual trip for the above purposes with comfort.

Shopping trips: This service is suitable for our riders who plan to go out for shopping in multiple stores, instead of ordering from one cab to the other this service allows you to book your ride all through the stores you plan to visit with an affordable trip fare.

NB: This plan only covers trip fare and not stores parking fees.

A night on the town Service: This service is suitable for our riders that have to go some place at night, as it's well know it's hard getting commercial cab at night but this service gives you the chance to book a trip for night parties, night clubs, or any legal business needed to be carried out at night.

Family Trip Hire: Zxello care hire service also provided services for family Trip such as visiting a cousin or any family members this service allows you to book a ride for a to and from Trip with an affordable trip fare.

Where we go: This service is a suitable for riders who wish to book a trip en route, this is the service that allows all kind of service our passengers likes. All you just do is describe how you want your journey to go and we provide an easy trip plan all through your journey.

Corporate Profile: This service gives our riders a corporate profiling for instance if you have a meeting with some business partners our car hit service provide nice cars to fit your corporate profile.



1. It is a condition of registration as a Member that details are provided of a bank account and a credit or debit card capable of making and accepting electronic payments. Zxello Company Limited reserves the right to suspend the account of any Users be it's Passenger / Owner / Driver, if any transaction effected by Zxello Company Limited in relation to a Members' registered credit or debit card is declined.

2. Each Users agrees to the the percentage allocated on the policy plan, and all Passengers shall pay a cancellation fee after booking is entered.

3. All Franchisee shall make sure abide and follow the rules and terms of Contract as from the day it takes effect and will be notified of modifications of terms prior to the date of effect.

Franchise Policy plan:

Zxello Company Limited provides opportunity for franchises of states, which Zxello Apps services have not been reached. So therefore Zxello will be working with a flexible Franchise plans which are:

1. The Franchisee will get an office space within the territory allocated by Zxello Company Limited, and that office will be known as the Zxello office branch in such territory, any other business must not take place in such offices.

2. Equipment and Field for training must be provided by the Franchisee, while the Zxello Company Limited will provide training personnel to train the staff's of that branch, and also setup engineers to set up the workstation, and the accommodation and hospitality of these personnel will be on the Franchisee for the period of the service they'll be rendering at the Franchisee territory.

3. The franchisee has no right to run any advert without Zxello Company Limited's consent, and all adverts must pass through Zxello Company Limited.

4. The Franchisee will pay a 5% royalty of every transaction, on the Franchisee territory to Zxello Company Limited.

5. There would be an Operational Manual provided from Zxello IT Operation Department to the Franchisee.

6. The Franchisee will only have access to the database of the territory assigned by Zxello Company Limited, and the Franchisee has no right to use its database for any external use except with the approval of the Zxello Company Limited.

7. The Franchisee will be paying an agreed fees to set up the Franchise rights which will be stated during Contract terms.


Zxello Company Limited also creates limited opportunities for car owners and investors, who want to make money through a safe medium, please read below. Zxello Company Limited is bringing up a profitable policy for Car owners, which are:

1. For Car Owners the car must have all legal documents needed to operate on the roads of the operational territory, and the car must be in good shape and posses all comfortable attributes to our Riders.

2. There will be a percentage deal for Car Owners, Drivers, maintenance and Zxello Company Limited which shall be agreed on physical terms

3. On no account shall the car owner have the right to place any product(s) or advert on the car during the period of contract with Zxello Company Limited.


Zxello Company Limited has created a strong policy plan-governing Zxello drivers in other to secure all our Riders. Zxello Company Limited is highly concerned about the Client's safety, and to achieve that the firm have to recruit competent Drivers to work in the cars, these are the list of steps the firm shall embark before the organisation accept any drivers to work with the firm:

1. The Driver must be mentally and physically fit.

2. Driver must at least have a minimum of 8th Standard qualification

3. The Driver must be familiar with the areas he/she would be allocated to work on.

4. Driver must have a valid driver’s license.

5. Driver must pass the driving test given to him/her by our Driving instructor before he/she can be certified as Zxello Driver

6. If the driver(s) has any reason to change Address or details given on registration he/she needs to inform the organization immediately, if found guilty by the organization, such drivers have violated the security rules of the Company, so therefore legal actions shall be taken with immediate effect to penalize/prosecute the culprit.

Approval Policy for vehicle:

Zxello Company Limited is targeting the best of comfortable and secured drive, and to achieve that the firm shall have to make available vehicles with a conducive condition, in other not to disappoint the riders. These steps are taken to achieve that:

1. The Vehicle must have all its required documents by the law.

2. Vehicle must be in good shape and in good condition.

3. vehicle must have an airbag, air condition, CD player and all other features to give our riders the best comfortable secured experience.

4. vehicle must be insured.

5. Zxello Company Limited will not be responsible for any damages of the vehicle as adequate measures has been done by providing a maintenance fee.


1. All Bookings shall be made using the Zxello booking tools made available on the Web/Mobile Apps. Requests for Bookings may be submitted by Users(Passengers) and the requested shall be valid from the moment the transaction is completed on the Web/Mobile apps and such request can not be cancelled after 5 minutes except with a cancellation fee.

2. No Driver is obliged to accept any request for a Booking submitted by a Passenger directly only through the Zxello Web/Mobile Apps.

3. A User (Passenger) seeking a Booking for a specific Hire Period may submit multiple requests for a Booking in respect of that proposed Hire Period to multiple enter or pick from our service that will suit your trip.

4. The Hire Period may be extended by mutual agreement between the User(Passenger) and the Driver using the booking tools made available on the Site and notifying the Zxello Web/Mobile Apps team.

5. If, in any relation after making your bookings and the driver reaches your pickup point and waits for you for more that 5 minutes the booking agreement will be cancelled and you'll be charged for cancellation either by cash or deduction your bonus point.


1. Zxello Company Limited shall be entitled to enforce these terms and conditions against any User, Owner, Franchise or Driver generally and specifically in the context of any Booking to which they are party.

2. Zxello Company Limited gives no warranties or representations about the accuracy of the information on the Site or the Site availability.

3. Zxello Company Limited is entitled, where required by law or judicial or regulatory authorities, to provide personal data relating to any Member to any credit reference agencies,Customs, the police, debt collection agents or any other relevant organisation.

4. The material displayed on the Site is provided without any guarantees, conditions or warranties as to its accuracy or completeness.


Users agree that Zxello Company Limited Privacy Policy (may solely be updated from time to time) governs Zxello Company Limited's collection and use of the firm's personal information.


a) Zxello Company Limited excludes liability for:

1. any loss of business, profit, data and liability for any indirect or consequential loss arising from the use of the Site, whether caused by tort (including our negligence), breach of contract, breach of statutory duty or otherwise.

2. The cancellation of any Booking by reason of any Car Exclusion Circumstances or Driver Exclusion Circumstances or any other cause specified in these terms and conditions;

3. Any sums payable by the Driver for any fuel or incidental expenses;

4. Any loss or damage caused by circumstances beyond Zxello Company Limited's reasonable control.

5. Any issues encountered by the Franchisee, expect if it deals with IT issues or Operational issues.


1. Zxello Company Limited's obligation to pay any sum payable to the Driver,or Car Owners after any successful operation as this payment will be carried out by a third party merchant site that as integrated an automatic percentage payment scheme for all receiving ends,if any delay occurs this won't be the fault of Zxello Company Limited but the merchant site and a complaint will be sent immediately.

2. All Users agree that, in respect of each Booking, Zxello Company Limited may, at any time after the Confirmation of the request for the Booking by the Zxello Web/Mobile Apps, charge the Hire Fee and any applicable VAT or other tax and any additional payments that are payable in connection with that Booking (including any excess payable on any compensation, fine or penalty payable in the event of any breach of the terms and conditions applicable to the Booking and any sum payable under the Cancellation and Compensation Policy).

3. Payment processing services on Zxello Web/Mobile Apps are provided by Paystack and are subject to the Paystack Conneted Account Agreement, which includes the Paystack Terms of Service (collectively, the “Stripe Services Agreement”). By agreeing to these terms or continuing to operate as a User of Zxello web/mobile Apps, you agree to be bound by the Paystack Services Agreement, as the same may be modified by Paystack from time to time. As a condition of Zxello Company Limited enabling payment processing services through Paystack, you agree to provide Zxello Company Limited accurate and complete information about you and you authorize Zxello Web/Mobile Apps to share it and transaction information related to your use of the payment processing services provided by Paystack.


1. Users such as Drivers/Car Owners/Franchisee are responsible for their own personal tax affairs arising from their participation in any Booking including income tax and VAT.

2. Each Member agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Zxello Company Limited, and employees against all losses, liabilities, claims or demands arising out of: (a) any breach by such Users of these terms and conditions; (b) any claim by a user that an information was introduced prior to any information given on Zxello website or Mobile Apps.

3. All bookings and extensions must be made via the Zxello Web/mobile Apps platform, if any bookings is/are made outside our platform Zxello Company Limited will not be held responsible for any outcome.


a) If a Driver is involved in any accident they shall refrain from admitting any liability and shall, without delay:

1. call the police or hit the emergency button on the driver's interface;

2. exchange contact details with every individual involved in the accident; and

3. notify the Zxello operation officer by calling the claims helpline on 095081918.

b) If a Car breaks down or is stolen during a Booking, the Driver shall notify the Zxello Operation officer without delay and, if appropriate, call the police.


If you have any problem or query using The Zxello App, you should follow these steps in the following order to help you quickly resolve the issue. We have worked hard to ensure that you will often find the answers to most of he common question on our website or in the relevant documentation.

Please take note to an important note that there is a difference between “Training and Support”. Support provided to help you resolve problems and carry out essential preventative maintenance on your systems while Training is how to ask type of questions that are not listed, Please you should contact our Zxello Team and to discuss any training needs you may required.

Support Steps Checklist (Before contacting Zxello Team)

If the Zxello Application comes with help files, Please check these first as they contain the quick answers to most questions, If the product comes with manual (either Printed or on disk), check these as they contain the most detailed information

Contact your designated internal support team. All Zxello clients/ franchisee must nominate either a single or a group of technical users on their own staff as their first port of call. This is usually an IT professional or office clerk

If you as the internal support person need to contact Zxello Team, make sure you have the following

Location: The area code and log in details generated by Zxello Team

Network Configuration: whether your information is stored locally (on the computer’s hard disks) or on a network location. (Such as a file server or another connection)

Franchise: The name that the application still remains the same all the time. We will only provide support for the registered Franchise. You must have completed signed and returned the contract that was sent to with your original Franchise certificate. We will not provide support until this has been received by us.

Remote Access: In some cases it is often quicker if we can dial in to your system using a standard computer modem and resolve the issue remotely. If you have a modem or other permanent Internet connection, Please ensure that is fully installed and configured. In some cases we able to talk your through setting this up over the telephone prior to dial-ling in.

It may sound obvious, but before contacting us you should check that the problem is definitely with either the Zxello App or with other hardware or software supplied by us. Although we endeavor to be as helpful as possible, we cannot guarantee to provide support for other products installed on the computer, or for hardware that was not directly supplied by us. In the case of some non-Zxello App software. If we are unable to resolve the issue, we may ask you to contact the appropriate company directly. Again, we will try to resolve the issue ourselves, but sometimes we simply have to bow to their greater product knowledge.


Technical support costs may differ depending on whether the support is classified as in office hours or out of hours. For clarification, our normal in office Hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday excluding Holiday and staff training days. We operate occasional internal staff training sessions, which result in the office remaining closed for a morning or an afternoon. These will be announced on website and social Media days in advance in most cases.

Christmas Holiday - We also close for an extended Christmas break the details of which will be posted on the forum each year. All support provided in the extended Christmas break will be classed as “out of hours”


When you purchase the franchise Zxello App, it usually comes with a period of included Technical Support as standard. This entitles you to unlimited Technical Support during our published office hours via email, remote control or telephone support for that period. Once this period expires you can then choose to renew the contract for monthly or annual fee.

For community and education customers who are no longer in support contract, we also offer support on a “Per incident” basis where a single fee covers support for that incident. The Zxello Team is also able to provide quotes for the office Hours Support renewal as well.


Unless previously arranged with Zxello, we will invoice you for, “out of Hours Technical Support”. This cover you until midday for the same issue if you call us at 8pm,you will receive up to 16hours of technical support for that issue for charge.

Please Note: it is the job of the on-call Team to work with you to create a fix or work around for critical issues that are impacting directly on your Zxello App, the Team will not be able to provide training on the software or hardware during these calls.


If you have been unable to resolve the issue after following the above procedure, you can do so in several ways:

If the question is urgent, email it to with the information above and it will be routed to several support engineers to allow for the fastest possible response. If you need to provide any follow up information, or to reply to an engineer’s email, make sure you include the previous email completely as it may be dealt with a different engineer. Email support is only provided during normal office hours.

DURING OFFICE HOURS, CALL US ON 095081918 and ask to speak to Technical Support. If you would like to visit us in person, please contact us advance as we only provide a by appointment system

Important: The Contract or Franchise purchased order you signed when you originally purchased the Zxello includes details of how long your “Support Period “is. During this period all support calls and emails during office hours are free of charge. If your support has elapsed, then you should contact the Zxello Team for pricing information for extending your support period, or for information about the costs for Per Incident “ support if you are registered Franchisee.

Our support engineers are directly employed by Zxello Company Limited to help you . we do not use outsourced support center’s, temporary contract staff or other third party agencies so you can always be assured that you are dealing with the people that know the product best.

We operate a two-tier system of support. A fully trained engineer who is able to answer most queries immediately will handle your initial call. If the Engineer is unable to resolve the issue, they will move the query on the second level of depth support, which also includes the developer of the Zxello App. We are almost unique in providing this ability to talk directly to the app authors-who have the best knowledge of our product in the world. These engineers are often extremely busy, so we may ask for a number to call back on as soon as possible.

We expect our Zxello Team to be courteous and polite at all times, and if you feel a team have let you down, please let us know. Likewise, we ask that you also be polite in dealing with us. We understand that it can be stressful dealing with unexpected issues at inconvenient times, but our team are under strict instruction to terminate any call that abusive or threatening. They are never reprimanded for doing so.

The Zxello Team is also unable to authorize any refund or remuneration. If you feel that this is something you wish to discuss, please contact RebuStar Team who will be happy to go over this with you once they have been made aware of the situation.


If you have a franchise contract please contact at

For support please contact

For admin please

The Following Terms And Conditions Apply:

All of the information above must have been collected together when you make the call

You must be able to be in front of the system when we return the call

You must be authorized by your organization to incur the out of Hours charges

You must leave a contact telephone number that you can be reach on. We will not return calls otherwise.

1. Zxello team will not give out their personal contact to reach them on. This includes home, personal mobile or business mobile numbers. You must make each call through the supplied number. You will only be charge one per issue until midday as explained above regardless of how many messages you leaves.

2. This service is not guaranteed. Although we make every effort to provide this service 365 days a year, if the team is already dealing with an issue and cannot arrange another team to call you back, other unforeseen circumstance arise we may be unable to return your call promptly.

3. We will mutually agree in advance the charges of the problem before sending the team to your based on what you complained on the phone when you called but their is subject to change in fees if the problem is more or less than what you discuss about the problems.

4. We will expect you to cover the cost of any food or drinks consumed by the Zxello during the visit when will the team arrive and how long will they stay?

5. The time taken to/from your site is spit equally between your time and ours, therefore, we may travel to your site during your time, but then return in our time or vice-versa. If you want to discuss please contact the available Zxello Team.

6. Once on site, if you would like to book any Zxello Team for another period either immediately after the current one, or in the future, you must discuss this with the Zxello Team who will make the appropriate arrangements. We defined “A DAY “as being 8 Hours including a 30 minutes break, but the team may work an additional 2 hours at their discretion, but on no more than 2 consecutive days.

7. Abservetech Private Limited do not expect Zxello Team to work outside of the agreed time, but the team may personally agree to stay longer, which is a private matter between yourself and the teams. They are never reprimanded for leaving a site on time.

8. If the team is unable to keep an appointment with you. We will let you know as soon as possible and, will arrange another mutually convenient time. Unfortunately we cannot offer any remuneration for delaying visits.

What do you need to do when the ZXELLO Team arrives?

When arriving on site, please inform the team of any special health and safety requirements and fire Regulation procedure. If you have any special requirements, please contact us in advance. You are responsible for providing any special footwear or clothing required access to your site. The team is expected to arrive well presented in suitable clean smart clothing and footwear. This does include smart jeans, combat trousers or similar as the job may include kneeling or crawling. During the visit, please ensure that normal amenities are available such drinking water and toilet facilities. If you are in secured building, please provide any access cards or devices necessary, or a means to contact a person who has these.

What will you need to provide?

The teams will arrive with suitable tools suitable for the job, however you may have some equipment that requires tools that we do not carry, if this may be the case, please let us know in advance or arrange to have such tools on site that we can use.

Due to insurance and health and safety reason we are unable to drill, cut holes otherwise alter walls, ceiling and floors and any part of the structure of your building. There fore you must ensure that any holes needed to pass cable through are ready in place prior to the visit, or can cut by your self or other agents once the team is on site. If the site is not ready when we arrive and later find that we cannot finish and have to return another day, this will incur further charges. You should also ensure that the area the team will be working in an the access to those areas is a clean and dust free as possible. Dirt and dust cause significant damage to computer components and will dramatically reduce the time until the component fail. In such cases we are unable to provide warranty repairs or replacements and the visiting team will warn of this accordingly on arrival giving you to the opportunity to reschedule for another time. This reschedule visit may incur further charges.

Any other Business

Other than parts swapped out under warranty, any part used during this site visit will be invoiced to you afterwards, Before using these part, we will discuss this with you to ensure you are happy to go ahead. We may have to consult with the Zxello Team and will then give you a firm cost for the items. Please ensure that you have permission to authorize this part before agreeing to the to the franchise contract.

Most of the Team Vehicle is their personal and not covered by company car policy, therefore if you need one team to visit another site, you may need to arrange alternate transportation at your cost.

Franchise Contract

1. There shall be a Franchisee login created, which will only give our franchisee the ability to monitor the areas allocated to them only, and giving our company the power to oversee all franchise operations.

2. The Zxello apps should be able to get adequate information of our drivers and rider, which will enable us track them if need may arise.

3. There shall be an interface where our riders can book ticket before the date of pick, and generate there electronic ticket after payment, which will be verifiable by the drivers interface


1. Users can terminate

2. Abservetech Private Limited shall be entitled to suspend or terminate the membership of any Zxello apps user, in its discretion and without liability to the user, with or without cause, with or without prior notice and at any time, decide to limit, suspend, deactivate or cancel a registered user of RebuStar apps.


1. If any provision (or part of any provision) of these terms and conditions is held to be invalid or not applicable, such provision shall be sideline and the remaining provisions will continue in force without being impaired or invalidated in anyway.

2. These terms and conditions, and the pages on the Site to which these terms and conditions refer, constitute the entire agreement between Zxello Company Limited and Zxello Apps Users or Franchisee. These terms and conditions, together with the details of each Booking, and Franchise Procedures constitute the entire agreement between Zxello Company Limited and the Users and between the Users in relation to that Booking or Franchise Policy.

3. The rights shall not be looked away from or not applicable if any party delays observing such rights. No party shall be deemed to have waived their rights under these terms and conditions because of their failure or delay in exercising that right.

4. No Member may assign, transfer and/or subcontract all or any of any their rights and/or obligations under these terms and conditions or in relation to any Booking and any attempt on any Franchidee part to do so is void.


1. If any Member has any concerns about any material whatsoever which appears on the Site, they may contact

2. If any Member believes that any communication made through or on the Site infringes any legal rights that any they may have or is in breach of any of these terms and conditions or knows of or suspect any unauthorised posting of or attempt to post any communications, that User may notify us with specific details by email at the following address:

3. Each Zxello User agrees to comply with all reasonable requests from Zxello Company Limited, the police, or any statutory or regulatory authorities in identifying any unauthorised users of the Site.

General Conduct

All members must:

Provide accurate, valid and complete information on their profile and keep this up to date at all times.

Not post offensive, defamatory or false claims on reviews.

Never publicly share, post online or misuse other user's contact information.

Beginning of booking

If a Driver is more than 10 minutes late to pick up the Passenger or the said driver is different or not in resemblance with the picture show to the passenger on the Zxello Web/Mobile Apps the passenger is not obligated to board the cab, and the User should contact RebuStar team to inform them of such issues immediately as another cab will be assigned and the default cab/driver case will be looked on to.

If an Passenger is more than 15 minutes late to the pick up point, the Driver is allowed to cancel such bookings and the passenger will be charged.

End of booking

On getting to the passengers destination, the fee will be deducted from the Passengers registered bank card through the information given and such Passenger should be notified on successful payment.

Before a booking

If an Owner becomes aware of vehicle faults prior to a booking, they must notify the Driver and hiyacar immediately and cancel the booking or have the fault fixed prior to the start of the booking.

Breakdown during a booking

If a car breaks down during a booking the driver should immediately inform Zxello operation Team as a new cab will be assigned to finish up the booking contract.

Traffic Fine Policy

The Driver is responsible for all traffic fines (such as parking fines, congestion charges, toll charges or moving violations) incurred during their booking. Passengers are to be responsible for any parking fines when it deals with a long time hire and the Driver would need to pay for a parking space.

If any Driver receives notification of a traffic fine or similar offence incurred during a Zxello Booking, they should contact their RebuStar Operation officer

If a traffic fine is obtained during the booking then the Zxello Driver is to pay the fine and if such Driver would want Zxello Operation team to take up the traffic fine, it will be deducted from the percentage of such driver.

If after resolving the traffic fine by Zxello Operation department and such driver as refused to use the drivers apps platform and failed to contact Zxello Operation Department, Zxello Company Limited may follow a legal process of scrutiny for such act.

Appeals and Arbitration Process

In the event that a Passenger, Driver or Franchisee is deemed liable for a fine imposed by a third party such as the Police or a local authority, it won't be an issue for Zxello Company Limited to meddle in as we have take adequate procedures to train or Drivers and Franchisee staff in respect to obeying the law of the operating territory.