Zxello Mobile/Web apps is designed to deliver the best and flexible method of transportation in Myanmar, this application has the following features:

> Friendly user interface that allows you to monitor your trip.
> You get to know your trip fare before the arrival of the driver.
> You can book your trip before the trip date, and generate an electronic ticket which would save the stress of going through booking process and time on the day of the trip.
> No added fee on trip fare after the trip fare is generated, and the trip fare will not be out of the price bracket, except if there is cancellation after 20% process of arrival which will attract charges that would cover the time used before cancellation.
> You get to see the picture of the car, the picture of the driver and plate number so to be sure you're in safe hands,
> There is a 24/7 Customer Service if help is needed on the ride or the apps.
> You get points if you refer a friend to download and use the RebuStar Apps, these point are redeemed to discounted trip depending in the amount of point you want to redeem and keep for later discount.
> You track the movement of your driver
> You can book a ride and pay for another rider(passenger) who has no access to the Internet or smartphone and track the whole trip on your device.


Taxi service: This service offers the type of service where riders order for an online taxi easily without stress allowing the rider(passenger) to choose their pickup point and destination, and which the trip fare will be known to them before ordering.
Airport Service: Zxello online car hire service gives a type of airport car hire service that allows our users from other countries book a cab before arriving at their destination (airport), our drivers are punctual and reliable as they will make sure you get to your destination from the airport safely.

Door to Door Service: are you worried about walking out to the street before getting a cab? The solution is Zxello Online Car Hire Service offers that kind of service that suits your demand all you have to do is choose the door to door service and our cab will pick you up within minutes at your doorstep.

Sight Viewing Service: Are you a tourist and worried about your safety, tour your favorite sites, Zxello online Cab allows tourist from anywhere in the world book a cab before they arrive for there adventure, it's safe reliable, and secure as their will be some safety precautions tips from our drivers if needed.

Zxello Package Delivery Service: This service is a unique and secure service that allows our clients to send their packages through our drivers to their destination, as possible precautions will be made for safe delivery to the package destination on time and safe.

Business meetings: This service gives our client going for a business meeting such as project briefings, contract signing, research purposes e.t.c this service is tailored to provide a punctual trip for the above purposes with comfort.

Shopping trips: This service is suitable for our riders who plan to go out for shopping in multiple stores, instead of ordering from one cab to the other this service allows you to book your ride all through the stores you plan to visit with an affordable trip fare.

NB: This plan only covers trip fare and not store parking fees.

A night on the town Service: This service is suitable for our riders that have to go someplace at night, as it well knows it's hard getting a commercial cab at night but this service gives you the chance to book a trip for night parties, night clubs, or any legal business needed to be carried out at night.

Family Trip Hire: Zxello car hire service also provides services for family Trips such as visiting a cousin or any family members, this service allows you to book a ride for a to and from Trip with an affordable trip fare.

Where we go: This service is suitable for riders who wish to book a trip en route, this is the service that allows all kind of service our passengers likes. All you just do is describe how you want your journey to go and we provide an easy trip plan all through your journey.

Corporate Profile: This service gives our riders corporate profiling such as having a meeting with some business partners our car hire service provide nice cars to fit your corporate profile and schedule.