About Us



“Zxello Web Apps” is a web Application Created by Zxello Company Limited. It is a web application on electronic devices that allows Passengers (Rider) order Cabs/ Executive Taxis for accessible, reliable and secured for riders desire destination globally.

Zxello Company Limited recruits competent drivers with accomplished and dynamic training to our drivers in other to bequeath a comfortable ride to all our clients. As a profit oriented firm, we look to derive our profit from acquiring a certain percentage from all transaction and there is also an opportunity for individuals or corporate bodies to enjoy our franchise plan through legal processing.

Policy Plan

Zxello Company Limited has some policy plans governing Zxello Apps Drivers, Shareholders, Franchisee, and Car Owners. The firm have made this plan as flexible as we can in other to allow our clients in all aspect to enjoy and gain from our unrivalled platform.

Drivers Policy

• Zxello Company Limited has created a strong policy plan-governing drivers in other to secure all our Riders. Zxello Company Limited is highly concerned about the Client's safety, and to achieve that the firm have to recruit competent Drivers to work in the cars, these are the list of steps the firm shall embark before the organisation accept any drivers to work within the firm:

• The Driver must be mentally and physically fit.
• The Driver must at least have a minimum of 8th Standard qualification
• The Driver must be familiar with the areas he/she would be allocated to work on.
• The Driver must have a valid driver’s license.
• The Driver must pass the driving test given to him/her by our Driving instructor before he/she can be certified as Zxello Driver
• If the driver(s) has any reason to change Address or details given on registration he/she needs to inform the organization immediately, if found guilty by the organization, such drivers have violated the security rules of the Company, so therefore legal actions shall be taken with immediate effect to penalize/prosecute the culprit.

Approval Policy for vehicle

• Zxello Company Limited is targeting the best of comfortable and secured drive, and to achieve that the firm shall have to make available vehicles with a good condition, in other not to disappoint the riders. These steps are taken to achieve that:
• The Vehicle must have all its required documents by the law.
• The Vehicle must be in good shape and in good condition.
• The vehicle must have an airbag, air condition, CD player and all other features to give our riders the best comfortable secured experience.
• The vehicle must be insured.
• Zxello will not be responsible for any damages of the vehicle.

Franchise Policy plan

Zxello Company Limited provides opportunity for franchise of states, which Zxello Apps services, has not been reached. So therefore Zxello will be working with a flexible Franchise plan, which are:
• The Franchisee will get an office space within the territory allocated by the Franchisor, and that office will be known as RebuStar office branch in such territory, any other business must not take place in such offices.
• Equipment and Field for training must be provided by the Franchisee, while the Franchisor will provide training personnel to train the staff's of that branch and also setup engineers to set up the workstation, and the accommodation and hospitality of these personnel will be on the Franchisee for the period of the service they'll be rendering at the Franchisee territory.
• The franchisee has no right to run any advert without the Franchisor consent and all adverts must pass through the Franchisor.
• The Franchisee will pay a royalty fee on the Franchisee territory to the Franchisor which will be given on purchase of Franchise Right.
• There shall be an Operational Manual provided from the Franchisor to the Franchisee.
• The Franchisee will only have access to the database of the territory assigned by the Franchisor and the Franchisee has no right to use its database for any external use except with the approval of the Franchisor.
• The Franchisee will be paying some fees to set up the Franchise rights which will be given on request

Car Owners Policy

Zxello Company Limited also creates limited opportunities for car owners and investors, who want to make money through a safe medium, please read below. Zxello Company Limited is bringing up a profitable policy for partners and Car owners, which are:
• For partnership, there are limited chances to invest in having a Car /Cars with our firm, which we devise a means of profit for such investors.
• For Car Owners the car must have all legal documents needed to operate on the roads of the operational territory, and the car must be in good shape and posses all comfortable attributes to our Riders.
• There will be a percentage deal for Car Owners, Drivers, maintenance and Abservetech Private Limited which will be allocated on request
• On no account shall the car owner have the right to place any product(s) or advert on the car during the period of contract with Zxello Company Limited.
• Adverts and Media partners are also given the chance to promote their brand on our application with an affordable price.